Mar 8, 2014

Adding Light to the World

By Christy Monson
My life is very comfortable. I have a warm place to live. I got up this morning and turned the heat up to just exactly where I like it. My husband fixed a delicious breakfast. I  enjoyed reading my scriptures, along with the peaceful feeling that comes from morning prayers.

I know in a couple of months life will begin renewing itself. I can anticipate the sprouts of green grass and beginning buds on the trees. I look forward to sitting on my deck to admire the sunsets--sometimes a mixture of pink, blue and purple blending into a magnificent display of colors.
My world is orderly and good. But what about those whose lives have been turned upside down with ice storms, flooding, and other severe weather? What can I do? My prayers are with them. Every time I walk outside on the dry ground, I am grateful. I drive down the road, knowing it hasn't been washed away. I am thankful for lights and heat. I understand there are many who don’t have those comforts in their homes right now.
 But are my gratitude and prayers enough? I can’t take away the sorrows and pains of others. I can’t relieve their sufferings--they are so far away. Even at home I can’t do that for my family and those around me. I can listen and show empathy, and sometimes I can fix the problem, but not always.
So what can I do?
1. I can add love to the world in my own way.
2. I can sit with my 97-year-old neighbor who just fractured her shoulder and hip to show her I care.
3. I can comfort my granddaughter when she skins her knee.
4. I can invite those around me to the peace I feel each day by listening and sharing with them.
5. I can pray for myself and others to find wisdom from the things we all suffer.
6. I can add my little small candle of light to the world.
I won't do big extraordinary things, but I will change the world with one small deed at a time.
At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.  Albert Schweitzer.


  1. This is just what I needed to read this morning, Christy! Thank you for your inspiring thoughts and the reminder that gratitude makes all the difference. I think that even though it is Fast Sunday for our ward today, I'm going to bake some cookies and go over and meet the our new neighbors. I've been meaning to do that...time to share the light! hugs~

    1. I send a hug back. I love your internet presence. It brings joy to my life!

  2. I too am in a season of joy and it makes me feel odd to be there when so many others are not.

    1. I want to keep this season of joy in my life at all time. I may not always keep it there, but I'm going to try.

  3. Lovely peaceful sharing. I enjoyed it very much. It's always important to have a heart of gratitude.


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