Mar 17, 2014

A Well Organized Space Lets the Creative Juices Flow

By Stacy Johnson

I need some cute shelves above my desk.

Warning: Picture overload.

 I did it! I got my office cleaned up and cleared out. I know so many of you were dying for the "after" picture, ha ha. To see the "before" picture, click here.

I still want to do more but those things cost money so for the time being, this will do. And, since it was cleaned up over a week ago, it has remained or less in this state. We only have one computer in our home (gasp) so there have been times when others have left their stuff there and I have had to get on them but it was spring break so that was expected.
I'd like to make a cover for the tall shelves.

re-purposed night stand

I finished these two projects. They were both that 80's brown finish so I painted them black then distressed them, added some walnut stain to the shelves then lacquered them both up super shiny. I added a patterned fabric to the top of my printer table and sealed it with the lacquer as well. It has a beautiful finish and will compliment the fabric I have picked out to sew a cover for the large shelves next to it.

shabby book shelf
My water jug collects loose change. When I go to the store, I throw the coins in my purse and put the bills in my wallet. Every so often I clean out the coins in my purse and throw them in the jug along with the coins I find while cleaning up around the house. It is our vacation fund. The kids add to it as well and when its time for a vacation, we count it up to see where we will go based on how much is saved.

My pretty shelves hold all my assorted binders: recipe binder, mom binder, general conference binders, pinterest binder, scout binder, welfare specialist binder, etc. The books are ones I am currently using for reading, working or journaling.

I keep my family history collections in bags (my conference bags are great for this) inside my re-purposed wardrobe next to my desk. One bag for Grandaddy and one for Grams, it holds their journals, scrapbooks, pictures and notes from their personal history stories I am working on.

In January I turned all hangers the wrong way
Getting organized can be addicting. I got on pinterest and found a few more ideas I'm going to implement over time. I already did an overhaul on my closet back in January. I am a t-shirt hoarder and had quite the collection. I whittled it down to about 25, don't ask me how many I started with, feel free to congratulate me. I also turned every item hanging backwards. As I take something out to wear it, I put it back on the hanger (clean) the right way. I can see how many things I have worn by the way the hanger faces. I know there are several things in there I haven't worn in probably a year or more. When June arrives, it will be six months and those items still on the hanger backwards will be donated/sold.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my organized space and am almost overwhelmed at how the creative juices have been flowing for a short story class I've been taking. I was super motivated after Heather Moore's class at the conference to give it a try and like magic a friend offered a free eight week short story class not far from home. I knew I couldn't deny the blessing so I jumped on the offer. So far, I'm loving the experience! I can't wait to see what comes next! Happy Organizing and Spring Cleaning and Creative Writing!!


  1. Wow! Getting organized and maintaining it over spring break! congratulations. I love the ideas you have implemented. I also love how decluttering your space also helps declutter your mind. I guess I will do some decluttering of my own! Now to just figure out where my space is! hugs~

  2. I've taken several steps to tidy and improve my writing space, but still have some more to go. Your post is motivating!

  3. I seem to have to "cocoon" myself in stuff before I can write, so my writing area is, to put it kindly, cluttered. Is there any hope for me?

  4. I feel like you have to feel the creative juices flowing in the space you are in...I switched from two small rolling desks to a large open table and I can't believe the difference it made in my attitude and ability to create more. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I would like to organize, but where would I put all my books??? LOL


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