Mar 11, 2014

Sacrament Meetings on BYU Could Spoil You

by Terri Wagner

This rarely happens to me. Last Sunday, I woke up, hating the fact that I lost an hour only because some brilliant person during WW2 thought it would be great, and no one has changed it, showered, dressed, and worked on downloading some music for Relief Society. At 9:30 I finished and decided one more time in the details here, but suffice it to say, that minute turned into 20. Ok, rushing around, just be a bit late. Then back to the bathroom, finally accepting this is going to be a difficult day lol.

So what's a person to do when they can't go to Sacrament Meeting? Well after beating myself up for not making the most important event in my week that prepares me for the next week blah blah blah I thought (or the Spirit nudged) watch something anything on the BYU channel. Now, I rarely watch BYU. My sister is much more in tune with the shows and documentaries. I just listen to her, and watch Sleepy Hallow or Psych or Almost Human or well you get the picture. I do watch conference, that's about it. So I sat down and turned it to the BYU channel. It just so happened to be a sacrament meeting. Wala!!! Less guilt.

Wow! I was impressed. Except for missing out on partaking of the sacrament (admittedly the most important thing you do at this most important meeting), I was like hey I could get into this. The talks were short, sweet, to the point, and rather good. Simple, but good. Gave the kind of talk I like to hear. A bit of doctrine, a bit of a real story, and a great testimony. They had TWO special numbers. One was a primary child singing a primary song. I was really into it. The bishop summarized the talks, thanked the music people, and had the closing prayer. It was really good. We don't have sacrament meetings like that.

In fact, I've been to a lot of sacrament meetings, and few are conducted that well. Now I realize they knew they were being filmed, and I know that makes a big difference, probably selected their best speakers and most talented singers. But that wasn't really the thing I took away with me. What I thought to myself was why can't we have more music? Why can't we have short but to the point talks? Why can't we do what they do? Even if we have to work at it to get that good?

Did it spoil me for our usual Sacrament Meeting next week? Probably so! Maybe in the future, I should just read scripture on those thankfully all too rare Sundays when I can't make church. LOL

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  1. I'm glad you found inspiration and I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. I do understand what you are saying. I'm with you all the way! hugs~

    and I do hope you are feeling better!


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