Mar 25, 2014

Crazy Daze!

by Terri Wagner

As most of you know, life can get crazy busy seemingly overnight. I thought I was going to get some slowdown time. So much for my being able to predict things. My three-year-old great niece (altho I'm just AunTee to her) came for a visit with the happy news that her family will be moving back to this area in May. Her father has been on stateside deployment for 18 months. Visits have been few, but knowing she's back in May for a while is very welcome news.

My niece who is prone to incidental accidents had one that totaled her car, surprisingly not her fault. No one was hurt. Walmart parking lot no surprise there uh?! So under pressure I decided to give her my car and look for a newer one myself. She can't really afford any car payments at this point. This current car is a missionary fleet Malibu that I have been very happy with. So naturally I called them first. Apparently they are so popular now you have to get on the list for one. I put my name so maybe she can get one later on. Maybe I just missed the right time. Not sure, but darn it, I sure wanted to go that route. So now I'm looking at cars. Any ideas?

My sister's house is finally built, and she closed on it. She officially moved in, but all her furniture is in storage. That means I am probably going to have to travel this weekend and help her get it. I'd rather just pay the minimum cost of 2500 for someone else to do that. I'm getting old, LOL.

I have two nephews getting married this year. One is in April in Baton Rouge. That one will be easy as dad and I will just travel over early Saturday for an evening wedding and back on Sunday. No time off from work. The other one is in Ohio. The car travelers are going early so I'm making a one way flight and drive back only needing two days off from work. It's an early afternoon wedding so I can't just fly in on Saturday. Funny thing about these weddings. One couple is following the world's way. They've lived together, bought a house together, and are having this big wedding celebration. The other couple are not Mormon but have waited for their small and simple wedding. I still need a dress for both, any ideas?

Work got super busy just when I thought it was slowdown. And really crazy stuff happens and most of the time I have to google what to try to fix it. Thank goodness that people talk online about their computer problems and other people share their experiences in fixing it. The little 4-6 graders are so cute. So worried they did something wrong. 99% of the time not their fault. The older grades are just playing the game of when-will-you-catch-me. And believe me you would be shocked at what you find. Still waters run deep is a very true truism.

Being in the RS presidency is crushing on time load. There is always something. We can't even seem to get Sundays to run smoothly. And visiting teaching is totally fluid out here in the mission field.

I guess I just mentioned all this because it's what's swirling in my head right now. Especially the car. I must be rare in that I'd rather just have my old dented car.

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  1. It's also crazy that I was sure I posted a comment here yesterday. Weird! Paid for, old dented cars are my preference too. I dislike having to make car payments. How fun that you will have more family nearby! love that, too! Thank you for this thought provoking post. hugs~


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