Feb 3, 2014

Clearing the Clutter

By Stacy Johnson

I don’t do well with clutter. I like my kitchen counters free of things that don’t have to be there, like the can opener we only use a few times a week. I can’t make a meal in there if there are dishes needing washed, messes needing wiped up or if the floor needs swept. Even when I go to visit somewhere where there is a knick knack on every surface and  pictures all over every inch of the wall, I feel claustrophobic and unable to relax, it is distracting and I find myself agitated and certainly not very good company.

Could you work like this? I think not.
So how does this apply to my writing? Well my office is a mess. It is frustrating when I sit down to try and work to look beyond the piles of papers and things that need put away. My writing takes second place to that and I can’t focus if there is clutter surrounding me.

As a goal for the new year, I have decided to de-clutter  aspects of my home one area at at a time. Slowly but surely my office is coming together and I’m able to spend some more time working.  I feel less distracted and more ready to tackle my writing projects. I even signed up for an eight week fiction writing class!

Keep in mind that we have one computer in our house and it is mine. We keep it in my space so I can more easily monitor the activity of my children while on it. My office is home to all art projects, school assignments, bookkeeping for the family, scouting/personal progress/duty to God responsibilities as well as my work that I do from home. Keeping it clean and clutter free is my responsibility. I’m showing you the “before” picture just to keep me accountable. Next time I write, I hope to show off a lovely “after” picture as well as letting you know how my writing is coming along.


  1. I look forward to seeing the after pics! I'm always looking for organization ideas...but you make a good point that it's time to actually get organized. Good luck!

  2. Writing in an organized fashion is essential however the rest of my life not so much


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