Feb 7, 2014

Illness and Other Annoying Stuff

by Marsha Ward

Sometimes life hits a body with stuff, lots and lots of stuff. Like a stuffy nose, a stuffy head, or a stuffed-up drain.

I have all three right now, along with stuff like chills and fever.

I kept telling myself I wouldn't get sick because I got my flu shot--after several years of abstaining. However, I must have been exposed to something, because I'm a little bit sick. Sick enough to not go out in public, but not sick enough to spend ALL my time in bed, fortunately. I'm really not as sick as I might have been, judging from others' stories, so I'm counting that blessing.

In the other annoying stuff category, I got an email about a post I made on my blog back in 2007. That's 2007, folks! Gaaaah! What was so annoying is that the person asked me to add a link to her affiliate site for another entity.


Not going to happen.

Certainly not on a post back in 2007!

Y'all have a nice day, ya hear?


  1. 2007? That's crazy! I do hope you are feeling better and that you enjoy a fabulous weekend filled with whatever you want it to be filled with. you deserve only the best. hugs~

    1. Thank you, Kari. I'm only hoping to leave this illness and depressive state behind in a week or so. The good news is I unclogged that drain.

  2. Get well. And laugh about the 2007 stuff. Years after I left an area I had someone tell me I had given false doctrine in an RS lesson. The prez told me not to worry if I had she would have told me. It still bugs me on what I said that gave that impression.


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