Feb 1, 2014

ANWA Writers Conference 2014

by Cindy R. Williams

Remember "Superman" at the ANWA Writers Conference 2013?  
Aka James Artimus Owen. Attendees were in for a real inspirational treat that day!

This is a straw poll here. Are you going to the "Time Out For Writers" ANWA Conference this February 20 - 23?  If so why, and if not, why not?  PLEASE leave a few thoughts here.

I have just been given the wonderful opportunity to serve ANWA as President Elect. I will use my three years on the ANWA Executive Board to dedicate my efforts to help ANWA members reach our full potentials. The yearly conference is a great place to hone our skills. I hope to see it grow to bless everyone.

So . . . please let your voice be heard and leave a comment whether you attend or not. What do you like about conference? What would you like to see added? What writing related topics are you interested in? Give me your best brainstorming ideas. The world is at our feet all you wonderful writers!


  1. I wish I could go, but it just wasn't in the finances this year. I am setting a goal to be ready next year, though..and maybe even have a manuscript ready. Have fun! The conference has grown by leaps and bounds since I came into ANWA some 18 years ago! hugs~

  2. Love you Kari! I wonder if we could set up a goal chart we could all use to set aside $20 a month toward ANWA Conf and Retreat each month. Might be a fun thing for anyone wanting to do this with us????

  3. I am going to attend. One reason is my obligation as a member of the Board of Directors, but that isn't the main reason. I go to see my friends, meet new people, make contacts, and attend classes that I hope will give me new information for my continuing writing journey. Not necessarily in that order. The order of importance shifts daily. :-)

  4. . . . and don't forget Marsha, you ARE ANWA!


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