Feb 17, 2014

Awestruck and the ANWA Conference

By Stacy Johnson

I wanted to give an "after" look of my office but illness struck our home and I was literally in bed for almost a week. Once I got feeling better the others got sick, then husband went out of town for work and I was in survival mode. That means nothing much got done with the office, I'm sorry to disappoint anyone who was on the blog early this morning to see my reveal, ha ha. Instead, I offer this...

I'm on the committee for the conference this year and can I just say, "It's gonna be UH-MA-ZING!" I have had a small part and I can tell you that these ladies have gone all out with their planning. I'll admit I'm a little excited to be in such near proximity to this kind of talent. I know the energy there will be high long before everyone arrives because I felt it at our very first meeting back in the fall when I met one of my ANWA sister-heroes in real life. As I've gotten to know everyone on the committee and a few on the general board, my anticipation has skyrocketed.

I've tried to act all cool beans about it like I'm not bursting to see everyone there but I know I'm going to be awestruck to meet some of you. I can't wait to hob nob and act as if I am anywhere near your level of author-ness. "Oh yes, I've written a novel, it's in editing right now." (Even if it is just my editing, ha ha.)

I have some last minute things I need to finish for the conference today so I'm keeping this short. If you haven't registered, do it! If you are registered, come say hello to me, I'll be the one trying to act cool and calm while my knees knock together. Hopefully I won't drool too much while you are talking to me and I can appear somewhat professional, which I'm totally not in real life.

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  1. Have fun at that amazing conference! I soooo wish I could be there. hugs~


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