Feb 4, 2014

Getting an early start...

By Bunny Miner, Guest Blogger

After posting about meeting deadlines and getting organized I felt guilty so I decided to write this post early this time.  Now let's see if I can figure out how to schedule it to appear when it's supposed to...I'm not stupid but I'm impatient and don't like taking time to figure things out.  Maybe that's why it took me 10 years to get published!  So, see, your dreams of being published CAN become a reality!  Just keep writing and submitting and you're going to learn and get closer to your goal each time.  Besides, you've been reading my posts for awhile, if I can get published, probably anybody can!

So, on with the post...

There are a lot of you out there that have more experience than I do about blogging.  So, how do you come up with your ideas?  Do you designate certain days to write about certain things?  Or are you like me and just write what feels right at the moment?

I'm to the point where I can't put off doing my own blog or getting my website up and running any more.  So, I'm looking for suggestions.  What do all you writers out there do?  I was thinking it would be good to have designated days to post specific things, to have a way to be organized (not my strong suit!  Is that just me or are a lot of writers like that?) and to be more focused.  Write whatever you want is a little too daunting for me!  Way too broad!

So, this is what I'm thinking;  Mondays would be a basic writing technique, kind of like a writing 101 lesson.  Tuesdays would be an author interview.  Wednesday would be a book review.  Thursdays would be random musings.  Friday would be a slice of life.  Saturdays would be a writing prompt and I'd probably take Sundays off.

Okay, maybe author interviews and book reviews every week will be too ambitious.  I'll have to rethink this...That's why I would like people to give suggestions in the comments!  It's how we all learn from each other!  We can't stay silent!  (ok, I'm kind of begging and groveling to get ideas!)

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  1. I've been doing it for years. I usually find my blog ideas through an experience I had during the last two weeks. Scriptures, a talk, a funny incident, a life lesson, a funny moment, a walk that made you think, a commute that almost ended badly, any of those will do.


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