Jan 30, 2014

Hope as a Rope

By Susan Knight
I just had the best blessing tonight from my new home teacher. I felt like I was getting a patriarchal blessing. I’m sure he was totally influenced by the Spirit and I said to myself, as his hands were on my head, “This is the way I want to live. I want to be worthy to receive all these blessings that are mine.”

He spoke of “Hope as a Rope.” He said to use the rope of hope to lift myself out of the low places and to climb up high to the sunshine.

I could picture myself being inspired to do it. I also need to have faith in our Savior. He will lead me and guide me. He should be Number One in my life.
I know my Heavenly Father knows me and loves me each time I receive a Priesthood Blessing. It becomes even more powerful when I pray ahead of time to ask the Lord to tell me, in the blessing, what He thinks I should be hearing, learning, then doing.

I implore everyone to get these blessings as much as possible. What is the priesthood for, if not to help us in our struggles and times of need and comfort? My home teacher spoke, not only of the reason why I asked for a blessing, but of all that could be mine if I have patience and hope, and have faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.
I feel better already.


  1. Wow, Susan! What a beautiful experience. I love it! I love witnessing the power of the Priesthood. Thank you for sharing these inspiring thoughts. hugs~


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