Jan 23, 2014

Greater Vision

by Kari Diane Pike

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about learning how to see life experiences in different ways - remember: Change your words, change your world! Pondering on those concepts opened my eyes to even greater vision.

My mom developed a high fever and rigors - not a good sign when you are in the middle of chemo treatments - and ended up in the hospital. My dad needed transportation and someone with hearing ears to accompany him to consult with his eye doctor about his need for cataract surgery. A close friend started preparing for her upcoming stem cell transplant. Spending hours driving back and forth gave me lots of time to worry.

Fortunately, all that driving also gave me lots of time to talk to Heavenly Father. I do a great deal of praying while I'm driving (for reasons on multiple levels, of course). On one of those trips taking Dad back to the hospital to visit mom, the Spirit opened my eyes once again. As we exited the freeway and drove up the incline onto the overpass, my field of vision changed from being blocked by concrete walls to being able to see for miles.

I thought about how being raised up enabled me to see a bigger picture. I could see the grid work of streets and avenues. I could see "the city plan." My perspective of where I was abruptly changed. Then I thought about the Savior and how He judges us based on who and where we really are. He can see the whole picture. Heavenly Father sent us to live on earth because He sees the whole. He knows all and He knows us and He loves us. He sent His Son to atone for us and to redeem us. Jesus Christ showed us how to pattern our lives. The Holy Ghost guides us and shows us the higher road and lifts us enough to give us glimpses of that "bigger picture."

I want to live my life in such a way that I can always be on that higher ground and see "the great plan." I came across a quote last week that has been life altering:

Are my actions today moving me closer to where I want to be tomorrow?

With all the stress, I struggled to take care of myself the way I needed to in order to maintain my health. I turned to sugar and processed foods for comfort. I didn't drink enough water and I didn't get enough sleep. As a result, I started feeling miserable. I wrote that quote on an index card and taped it to the front of my computer. I told Heavenly Father about how I was feeling and what I needed spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I asked Him to help me get to where I needed to be in order to serve and care for my family and friends. 

Pondering that question has affected every area in my life. When I started to complain that my husband hung a picture crooked, I realized that complaining wouldn't add strength to our relationship tomorrow. When I stood in line at the grocery store and stared at those yummy bags of Reese's Minis, I thought about my goal to be physically stronger tomorrow. When Netflix tempted me with another episode of my current favorite show, I understood that less than five hours of sleep would not leave me with enough energy to make the best choices the next day.

Questioning my actions in this manner enables me to let go of what doesn't matter and motivates me to pursue the things that do!

I suppose my next question should be: What am I writing today that will help me be the kind of writer I want to be tomorrow?



  1. Very nicely written, Kari. I love how you turned over your troubles to Heavenly Father and asked Him to help you know what to do differently so that you could serve and care for your family and friends. I love, too, that you pray a great deal. Thank you for your example and insight.

    1. Thank you for you kind words, Polly. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't turn to our Heavenly Father in prayer. I would be sooo lost! hugs~

  2. I love knowing that someone else prays a lot in the car. I always do that. I do love your vision. I pray to follow in your footsteps. Thanks for the beautiful post. Prayers are with you at this difficult time. Hugs.


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