Jan 6, 2014

The Soundtrack to my Life

By Stacy Johnson

I can't think of a single genre that I don't appreciate with the exception of "screamo." If you don't know what that is, you aren't missing one single thing. My kids say they like it but I think they play it really loud around me just to irritate me. But I digress...

My most favorite app on my phone and website on my computer is my Pandora radio station. If you're not familiar, try it out at www.pandora.com  Because music surrounds almost everything I do; cleaning, writing, showering, driving, relaxing, exercising and even hanging out with the kids, there is always a soundtrack on in my head.

On the days I start with a shower, I crank up The Carpenters or Captain and Tenille on my Pandora radio station. I can sing along to their melodious harmonies to get my day started and put me in a good mood.

While I'm busy cleaning up after the kids leave for school, it's time for some classic rock including some hair bands from the 80's, Neil Diamond, Queen, and pop tunes from the 90's.

Driving in the car is a tricky one.  When I'm not driving, the music is much more punk rock or modern music that my husband and family enjoy. I can usually put up with it or at least pull out a book to read and try and ignore it. When I drive the kids around, we are usually listening to country music because we all can agree to that, even my teens. But when I'm alone in the car, there is no music. I enjoy the silence to ponder on things, make to do lists with my good friend Siri or even pray. Yep, that might be the one time in my day when there is no soundtrack.

Exercising requires some more upbeat and motivational music. It's Rocky Balboa type of music which includes theme songs from several super hero movies and other random pump up music to keep me motivated.

I like to work on my writing while listening to classical music. It doesn't distract me with words that I feel inclined to sing along with and allows me to focus on working.

Sunday's music includes the hymns and popular church music from Hilary Weeks, The Piano Guys and Michael McLean. It is soothing and invites me to feel the spirit as I try to keep this day different from the rest of the week. Of course, I do use this music to get me ready to go to the temple or other church activities throughout the week.

There is music that reminds me of my childhood like the Saturday's Warrior and Star Child soundtracks and it isn't a perfect summer outing at the water park unless we hear specific songs on the speaker system. Organ music or fiddle tunes remind me of my late grandmother's plea to always have good music in my life. I think she would be proud, I am truly surrounded by good music.

Do you have a soundtrack? What is in yours?


  1. Actually I think yours is mine oddly enough lol

  2. I love Pandora! Country, classical, yep...pretty much everything you mentioned. I don't care for that screamie stuff at all. That is not music. Silence in the shower and in the car...but I love Beach Boys for cleaning house. I listen to Handels Water Music when I study and other classical pieces when writing...but then I have a lot of silence when writing, too. Great post. thanks!


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