Jan 24, 2014

Yes, Now is a Great Time to be a Writer

by Marsha Ward

Today has been an odd day. I finally got enough sleep, but it has delayed significantly other parts of my existence.

However, one thing I came across struck me as quite profound, and with which I agree wholeheartedly.

That is this blog post from Kristen Lamb's insightful blog, We Are Not Alone: Why Now is the Best Time to be a Writer. It's a guest post by Jessica Baverstock, and addresses five areas that have affected the rise of self-publishing.

Those are Community, Common Goals, New Methods to Get Our Writing Out There, Ergonomics, and Online Research.

The Community cited in the post is WANA, or MyWANA, an organization Kristen founded to bring writers together. The initials stand for We Are Not Alone. Substitute your own awesome writing community.

What are other conditions that have brought about the rise of self-, indie-, or whatever you want to call the DIY publishing movement?

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  1. Marsha, thanks for this post. You have given me renewed courage and hope. hugs~


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