Jan 14, 2014


by Terri Wagner

A friend suggested I read Philippians 4:6-7 with all the LDS footnotes available and answer this question: Is this why the church continues to admonish us to be happy, don't worry, plow forward?

Interesting isn't it? How many of us are truly well and happy?! In some ways, yes I am. But when I contemplate the state of the world, and my country in particular, I'm not feeling the joy. I feel more like Mormon. He saw the end of his people, the literal end and the spiritual end, and could do nothing much but try to defend them knowing it was not going to work. I want to be like him. Strong, courageous, fight-to-the-end kind of person. And fortunately I am wired that way. But I also keep thinking, we are better than this. We have so much to help us get and stay on track. How can we be so blind? Collectively speaking now.

I keep cringing thinking one day someone will say to me: you had the wisdom of the ages, the fullness of the gospel, all at your fingertips, and still you could not get it right?! And I can only hang my head in shame. Again collectively not individually.

This past December when I read the Book of Mormon in a month, I started thinking about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis also known as the Ammonities. If I read it correctly, they never strayed once they had accepted the gospel. So even though the Nephities fell, they didn't. In fact at one point it mentions they even prospered. So it can be done!

So I present the challenge to you. How do we stay upbeat and positive watching our world fall apart? Any ideas?

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  1. Good question, Terri, and I think it is an important one. Our modern prophets keep telling us that while there are huge challenges, we have everything to be thankful for. There's the "Sunday School answer" of praying, studying our scriptures, etc., but in addition, I find that finding something to do each day to brighten the day for someone else helps me go beyond feeling grateful to a higher level of living in gratitude (Pres. Monson).

    Why does it make me smile when I read your posts and comments and discover that we continue to think along the same paths? I have been pondering similar thoughts all morning.


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