Apr 12, 2014

Breaking News - Announcing the ANWA Southwest Writers Retreat - June 25-28, 2014

by Cindy R. Williams
 ANWA Southwest Retreat Chair

Theme:  Follow Your Yellow Brick Road!

This is the incredible ANWA Retreat Cabin in 
Show Low/Lakeside/Pinetop, Arizona

Take a look at the back!

The inside fire pit seating/writing area.

The back yard writing gazebo with electricity.

A closer look at the back yard writing gazebo.

ANWA Members, sign up now!

Click on this link: ANWA RETREAT Registration

If you have never been to an ANWA Retreat, you are in for a super treat. 

The first day is a quiet/write day with NO distractions!
The 2nd day is another write day with a great writing class!
The 3rd day is a write day with another super writing class!
The 4th day we eat, pack and tidy up then sadly return to the outside world.

Evening critique groups and games - (only cool games, no lame games allowed.) 

Food and housing is included. Tons of water bottles on ice. Everyone is invited to bring a favorite treat to share . . .  and these treats are to die for each year!  Meet other writers, create new friends.

~ A special surprise this year ~
We will be visiting author James Owen's writing studio in Taylor one evening with all the fairy lights shining.  

All this for only $95

June 25-28, 2014  

Wednesday - Saturday

If you have any questions, message me on FaceBook at Cindy R Williams. 

(Please note; there are only 35 spaces available and registration has opened at 


  1. I was so hoping to attend this year...especially now that I am beginning a real manuscript! Have fun, take lots of pics and take awesome notes! hugs~

  2. Oh Kari, is the timing off? We will miss you!


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