Apr 24, 2014

By Susan Knight

I'm writing this in advance because my scheduled day is the day before my youngest daughter, Jewely, leaves for Maine. I won't have the time then. I want to spend all my time with her. Even if we don't do anything except "be."

I just paused to heave a great sigh.

All my children are adults, ranging in age from 22 to 31. I never dreamed, when I moved to Utah from Pennsylvania, that all four children would end up here with me. Serendipity.

Now comes the hard part--when the first one leaves this new state we've all come to live in.

I know it's meant to be. Her husband's family has been out of the country for four years and just came back for good to settle in Maine where his mother's family is all located--a very large family of eight siblings and all the progeny. My son-in-law has two young siblings that hardly know him. They do need to be together to build those bonds. My daughter must cleave to her husband.

Right now we are doing all the "lasts." We did the last Christmas together, last New Year, last birthday, last Comic Con, now last Easter.

"Mom, it's not like we'll never see each other again," Jewely said, trying to bring me back to reality. Her reality. Now "seeing each other" means me taking a trip to Maine. I realize that. When will they be able to afford two plane tickets back here? If (when) they have children, travel money will be non-existent. And are we all going to visit Maine together? Hm. Probably not.

Just like a mother. Worry. Pine. Lament.


I've always wanted to visit Maine. I guess I should start saving now.


  1. I've always wanted to go to Maine! Lots of family history there for me...plus, there's our good friend Theresa Sneed living there! Sorry, your daughter had to move so far away, but good for you for supporting her and her hubby. you are an awesome Mom! hugs~

  2. I love it when family members move away only because it's a new place I get to go visit. Does it help to "see" it that way.


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