Apr 14, 2014

National Poetry Month

By Stacy Johnson

Warning: Picture Overload
This month has been full of new writing adventures for me. I've been trying my hand at poetry thanks to National Poetry Month and our sweet ANWA sister Stephanie Abney. She has been posting on her personal blog a different style of poetry everyday to celebrate the month. Go check her out at www.stephaniesaysso.blogspot.com and see what all my excitement is about. Each day includes instructions on how to write a different type of poem. My daily poems are on my Facebook page for the most part.

My oldest daughter was competing in her last cheer competition as an athlete over the weekend. She's been cheering since she was about six or seven years old and it has been a big part of her life doing Pop Warner cheer, Combs Varsity cheer and recently at AZ Fusion competitive cheer. She spent this year not only as an athlete but as a coach to a performing team. She is excited to start this new phase in her life coaching a competitive team next year.

We took five of our kids and went to Anaheim to watch her compete. We spent the morning on the beach with the kids before heading over to the competition. That will give you some background on the inspiration for my poems. For my two youngest, it was their first time on the beach.

Rhyming Poem

The look of joy on their faces
Makes me glad we took the time
To pack up a couple suitcases
And make a quick trip to Anaheim.

First visit to the ocean
What happy looks like
Making Memories
Laughing, playing, together
Always worth the cost

5 W Poem
Fourth oldest named Skylar
Takes good care of his brother.
Walking on Seal Beach
Last Saturday
 Derek said he was freezing.

5 W Poem
My adult Daughter
competed for the last time
At Nationals in Anaheim
over the weekend.
Now she's too old...

Closing of a door
Did what you love, now you coach
Opened a new door.


  1. I love the pictures and I love the poems you wrote that go with them. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing them with us through your wonderful talent. hugs~

  2. Great post, Stacy! I have LOVED all the poems you have been sharing and these to be captions of your family's trip to Anaheim and your daughter's cheer competition are such fun!! You ARE a great poet. I do hope more sisters are participating in #NationalPoetryMonth than I have seen evidence of. YOU'RE doing GREAT!! Cheers!!


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