Apr 26, 2014

When I Make it Big!

by Cindy R. Williams

I've always been a dreamer. Real dreams when I sleep, and daydreams when awake. One of my favorite things to do is to play "What If?" as I fall asleep. My latest "What If?" question is "What if I become a best selling author and make some "real" money on my books.  

Well . . . here is what I would do. I would buy a smallish castle and turn it into a writers retreat for ANWA writers and some other friends.

 This one will do. (Drummond Castle in Scotland)  I would set a side a trust fund, again for my ANWA sisters, to use for self-publishing and marketing books that are wholesome to feed the world truth. I would create a marketing company to help move these books along.  I would also splurge and take several world wide castle tours. Then . . . take a nap.

Play "What If?" with me and tell me what you would do.


  1. Castle walls reek of history and untold stories. I'm so there. I think I'd like to have a log cabin on the side for tranquil writer's retreats. Who says we can't do both, as long as we're dreaming! I made up a virtual writer's retreat on Facebook for in the meantime.

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  3. Instead of only having a "delete" option for comments - an "edit" button would do wonders. Of course, I SHOULD have made us of the "preview" button. Sigh. Anyway, couldn't leave my comment up there with a typo - drives me kind of nuts, so here is the corrected version of my comment. :) [Hope I didn't leave any typos behind].

    Love your dreams. Nice castle. I'd probably make sure all of us in the family had a great year supply. Then find a way to help each of the kids own their own homes without enabling them NOT to work hard about it . . . stuff like that. Help out others too. Whenever I see clerks missing a bunch of teeth - I wish I had the bucks to pay for some dental work for them. So ...

    But, heck yeah, a well-placed castle retreat or two would be right up there. We bought land in Pine, AZ last year. It would be so nice to build something beautiful up there for the family and ANWA to use. We'll see. Love ya' Cindy!!

  4. Love your ideas and your what if idea! You are such a selfless person. You rock...Now..If I never had to sleep...

  5. Count me in on being there. Would love to experience that world

  6. Stephanie, I love what you said also. Our legacy is truly our families isn't it. It would also be nice to leave a few words of wisdom.

  7. Kari, I can always count on you to read the ANWA blog. You rock!

  8. Terri, I think we are kindred spirits!


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