Apr 23, 2014

Murphy's Laws of Writing

a post by Gina Denny 

- Whenever you have lots of time, you will have no ideas. You will stare at a screen forlornly, wishing for something awesome to appear in the bright, blank white space. The blank white space that is mocking you. (don't ever think that it's not mocking you... it is... it totally is)

- Whenever you have lots of ideas, you will have no time. You will generate dozens of word documents with titles like "Dystopian Something Or Other" or "Steampunk Mashup of Cinderella and Othello." These documents will contain random snippets of information regarding plot pieces, scenes, characters or back cover blurbs. There will be a link or a picture of something that inspired the whole thing, but the link will be broken and the picture will look 100% unfamiliar to you.

Of course...

- All these word documents and blog posts will make ZERO sense to you once you do have some time to sit down and actually tackle them.


  1. Gina, this is sooo true! Thanks for making me smile in my frustration of another malfunctioning computer...just when I have some ideas to write about! hugs~

  2. Amen amen and another amen!!!!


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