May 19, 2015

Furry Friends

by Terri Wagner

This weekend when I was not moving my niece in or having family over, I watched the Barkfest special on Wild NatGeo. Watching those adorable and silly and wonderful furry friends naturally made me think of my own. It seems I am lacking photos of Belle and Jasper so I will spare you those LOL.

So these are the ones who have or who share my life and what I felt about each one.

Chewbecca best known as Chewie was my rock.

Gumbo or Bo was the most hilarious. As long as we were in the house, he was in your lap, by your side, slept right beside me. Once we stepped outside, I was a perfect stranger.

Cassie was the most dignified dog I have ever known. Her perfect manners put people to shame.

Daisy (left) and Kota (right) came to me from people who really did not want to give them up. Circumstances made it necessary. I was blessed. Daisy is the quiet sweet child; Kota is the mommie dog.

Belle was my golden, and my joy. Jasper is a toy Yorkie with a huge personality. What are your furry friends like?

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  1. What great friends! I love the pictures and your descriptions of their personalities. Our current furry friend is a cat we call "Jules"...short for Juliette. She loves to play hide-n-seek, but would love to be outdoors hunting more than anything else. Thanks for the fun post. hugs~


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