May 14, 2015

Life Can Be Messy

by Kari Diane Pike

Do you remember the story I shared a few weeks back about my young friend Dustin who is recovering from a heroin addiction? (you can read it here.) He shared a post on Saturday that blew me away. Dustin started working in an insurance office and has been studying to take a licensing exam. Here's what happened:
Today was interesting. I arrived at my exam at 8:30am in Missoula which is 80 miles from my house. My dad dropped me off at the University since it was 4 hours long and he had to get flooring. So I show up and the second form of ID they said is okay, now isn't acceptable. Keep in mind they told me to leave all personal belongings including phone and wallet in the car and my father forgot his phone so I have to find a way to locate him in a town of 100,000 people. I was ready to give up when I remembered the time I ran nearly 20 miles for some dope. So I hit the ground running. After 11 miles and 3 hours on foot, I spot the car. I found an extra ID that I insisted had to work, walked back in and aced both exams in under 2 hours with only 5 minutes to spare, nearly forfeiting the money and test slot. You gotta work for recovery,... You gotta work for LIFE like your dope. No excuses, by any means necessary.
It would have been easy for Dustin to walk away and blame the people in charge for poor communication and his not being able to take the test. Instead, he took personal responsibility. He didn't place blame. He thought things out and he went to work to create a solution.

I've been pondering on the ways I prevent myself from succeeding because I blame other people or circumstances for the stumbling blocks I encounter in my life's journey. I tend to let too many outside circumstances give me excuses for not reaching my goals. I can stop sabotaging myself by taking responsibility and doing what needs to be done.

Take my writing goals for example. Lately, everything else seems to take precedence. But as I thought about Dustin's story and then read Mormon 8:13 I recognized that I can stop making excuses. If Moroni, the sole survivor of the Nephite nation, can fulfill his mission to keep and write on the plates of Nephi, all while watching his family and friends be destroyed, surely I can find time to keep my journal and write my family history.

With desire and faith and effort, anything is possible. Doubt not. Fear not. "be believing...come unto the Lord with all your heart, and work out your own salvation with fear and trembling before him (Philippians 2:12)."

My latest motto is "Life is messy. Deal with it." So Dustin, I'm putting on my running shoes and getting to work.

 Life is magnificent.



  1. Great post, Kari! I'm going to put my running shoes on and get back to my WIP right now!

  2. Awesome for Justin. He sure has given me a lot to contemplate.


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