Sep 15, 2015

Flitting Thoughts

by Marsha Ward

Have you ever had one of those days when the things you had planned to accomplish get sidetracked by the things you had to jump on NOW?

Yeah. Yesterday was one of those days.

I wanted to launch into my writing first off. I made the mistake of looking at my email messages. Yahoo! An annual co-op book sale was now available in which to participate. I needed to pick a couple of books to feature, gather the requested information, send that with cover images, then pay the nominal price to be listed.

Thought: while this is designed to sell books, it isn't writing.

I got a notice that I could download or view the new ANWA newsletter. I like to keep an archive copy, so I printed the newsletter out from the pdf file on the website. Yuck! It came out all mono-typey in a san-serif font. Almost unreadable! I've had this problem before. Then I downloaded the pdf, printed off the newsletter, and the type was now wonderful and marvelous and readable.

Thought: always download a document in pdf before printing.

I really, really need to write my own newsletter with announcements that I send out to readers (like for the discounted books I've arranged to sell), but I need a new photo at the top. I spent an hour or two looking through my photo images for the present header so I could check the dimensions before I made a new one. Could I find it? No.

Thought: GRRRRR!

Maybe I should just go watch a movie and eat popcorn.

That sounds good to me!

BTW, while looking for the above photos, I. Found. That. Dratted. Header. Misfiled, of course.


  1. Movie and popcorn...sounds awesome. Maybe I will use that as a reward for AFTER I finish submitting my blog post today...and AFTER I get the seeds for my garden planted in their little rock wool beds...and AFTER I finish reading through the next seminary lesson. and popcorn sounds better and better by the second! hugs~


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