Sep 12, 2015

Mini-Critique Groups

by Cindy R. Williams

A great thing is happening all around us in the writing world, Mini-critique groups. Thanks to ANWA we are blessed to have our monthly chapter meetings which serve to unite, network, teach, share, accountability and critique. Mini-critique groups are unique in that they give us weekly accountability and a longer reading and critiquing time for more in-depth help.

How do you get one going?

A great place to start is within your ANWA Chapter. May I suggest you keep your group no larger than four writers. The beauty of a mini-critique group is that it gives you more time for each individual to share. If there are four writers and you each get a half hour, you are talking two hours total. Actually, if you are like my mini-critique group, you will spend the first half little bit chatting and catching up, so we meet for 2 1/2 hours. Much longer and you begin to tire and when tired, we tend not to be as sharp.

I am also aware of a few mini-critique groups that include non-ANWA members. Great idea if you have a friend or two you want to include that are not LDS so aren't a part of ANWA. These mini-critique groups are yours to do with what you want. You don't have to report minutes. You don't have to abide by any of the ANWA by-laws and policies or procedures. You can do with them whatever you want or need.

Where to meet?

My little group meets rotates around to one of our homes. Others meet in a public place like the library (they often have meeting rooms), Barnes and Noble, Starbuck's, Paradise Bakery or some other restaurant. Use your imagination and what fits your group.

Personally, my mini-writing group is a great blessing in my writing life. I wish you great luck with this mini-critique group tool.

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