Sep 5, 2015

Sometimes life is crazy

by Cassie Shiels

Sometimes life just gets crazy. Things pile up on each other, or everything seems to happen at once. Its those times where we feel like we are pulling out our hair for a week or two, because of LIFE!

I have been having a few weeks like that and I see at least one more week of craziness.  Something had to give and unfortunately it had to be my writing. I was doing better at writing more often, but then life happens. I felt really bad about it for a few days, until I gave myself permission to let it go for just this small segment of time. I know that means it might be hard getting back into the swing of things here in a week or two, but at least I can, And in the meantime I have more time to deal with the craziness, which has to be dealt with.

So I am here to say, if you don't always make your daily writing goals, at a time in your life where other things take importance, it's okay. And it's okay to not feel guilty or beat yourself up about it. You know, you are going back to it, after whatever craziness has ended. This is just a short segment of time. And life happens.


  1. To everything there is a season. I stand in awe of how mothers with young children find time to complete a novel.

  2. Very true! Thanks for this. hugs~


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