May 29, 2007

I need a holiday after the holiday

by Terri Wagner

For some insane reason, I always find myself overbooked on a holiday like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and even when I take vacation. I always need an extra day to recuperate from the holiday. One year, I actually took my sage advice and scheduled a day off after every holiday I knew I would be busy. It worked beautifully, however, I have never repeated it.

I thought I did a smart thing this holiday. I worked on domestic concerns Saturday. Got everything done. Fasted Sunday because I'll have company next week. Rested mostly on Sunday, got up Monday and headed into fun activities. By 9 pm, I was exhausted, and sluggish this morning, mourning the fact that I drive 50 miles one way each day to get to work, wondering if a nice simple Wal-Mart job might suit me better. I wanted one more day.

I think next year I am going to schedule things so I take the day after a holiday. The more I remember about that year, the more sensible it seems. But maybe that's because I have two Chinese articles to edit (they don't understand English all that well, and I'm not that good in higher math, ha), several layouts to proof and approve, not to mention the regular column copy we do. Suddenly, the whole concept of that extra day off sounds heavenly. Wonder if I'll remember this come next January when planning out my vacation time?! My guess is I won't.

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  1. lol...Terri...
    This has always been a joke among the women in our family...needing a vacation from our vacation. I once made the mistake of actually making an inventory of the things that needed packing and prepared. Hmmm...Let's see, 9 children and 2 adults...that meant for a 3 day trip we needed a minimum of 33 pairs of socks, underwear, pants, & shirts. Babies and toddlers call for extra clothing, of course and all their added doodads. Add 11 jackets, sleeping bags, pillows, 11 pairs of shoes (22 if we travel over the weekend.)Anyway, it was overwhelming and I never counted again. I just made a list for each person (who was old enough) to follow and I took care of the little ones. Of course, no one ever wants to put things away when we get back. They empty the van right onto the living room floor!


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