May 30, 2007


by Faith St. Clair

If ever I saw a stunning rainbow, it is right here in the dark of my home office tonight with only the glare of the computer and a small desk lamp. The background noise emits family night routines of baths, phone calls, kitchen clean-up and the slow summer need to get to bed. In the foreground, the scene is one of colorful beauty and peace. We have education, incomes, children, good health, a home that provides shelter and friends, testimonies of the gospel, relative youth, the opportunity for trials, the fortitude to endure them and the faith to learn from them.

A while ago I wrote about my life spinning out of control and blamed it on my mid-life crisis. Today that crisis still churns, but the glimpses of wonder that I catch sight of in between the frantic rotations are overarching. What I see is colorful, beautiful, peaceful - it is a blessed life. Like a dancer who “spots” when they pirouette in order to focus on just one spot so as to not get dizzy, my spot has become the rainbow. And although my gaze is often interrupted by a stream of people needing questions answered, tomorrow’s to-do list that screams to be added to and trials that await just beyond the corner, I’ll look to my rainbow of blessings, opportunities, daily miracles, answered prayers and God’s watchful care. I don’t think the whirlwind has slowed any, but my ability to spot the rainbow has sharpened.

Reverently speaking…thank God for promised rainbows!


  1. Your analogies are beautiful, Faith. I am always humbled by the power of gratitude! I am learning a little more each day that being happy is an expression of gratitude. And you're ability to catch glimpses of it through the crisis is wonderful! Don't you love being happy!?

  2. Every day part of my responsibility is to walk the family dogs. I have a gorgeous golden, a mutt that literally came out the bushes to join our little family and a new adoptee. Some days, this is a heavy chore at the start but it always ends one way. My golden runs and throws herself on the ground and wiggles around on her back, her happy dance; my mutt smells every spot hunting for a smell he can track down or not, it seems to matter little to him; and my adoptee has learned to race like the wind unlike her long years in a shelter. Each one reminds me how good life really is and the joy you make it. My daily dose of rainbows.


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