May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

by Cecily Markland

Memorial Day 2007, like so many before, has been a special day for me as I contemplated the service and sacrifice of the many brave men and women who have put their lives on the line to protect our liberties and our land. I'm grateful on a grand scale, for universal blessings we all experience because of their service. Yet, today, my gratitude has been for smaller, or at least more personal, blessings as well as.

My memorable Memorial Day actually began Friday. My daughter, who is 16 weeks pregnant, called on Friday afternoon to tell me she was having some problems and her doctor had suggested bed rest for a few days. So, Friday afternoon, I had two hours to reflect as I drove to Tucson to be with her. Then, Saturday night, I drove home so I could be in my ward Sunday to teach Relief Society, then I turned around and went back to Tucson Sunday night and returned home again tonight.

The season and the circumstances seemed to converge to create a wonderful weekend of reminiscing and of remembering all I consider most precious and dear. How grateful I am for home and family, for freedom, for faith. How wonderful it was to remember...but, even more, to FEEL remembered. In my highway reflections, as I considered the goodness of a loving Heavenly Father, I sensed He, too, remembered me and was with me to calm my troubled heart and to make my way a little smoother.

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  1. Thank you , Cecily for the reminder to be grateful! I hope things go well for your duaghter and her pregnancy. How wonderful that you were available to spend time with her and help her out. I always felt very grateful for the help I was given by my mom and mom-in-law.


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