May 6, 2007


by Marsha Ward

Today I want to share my gratitude for opportunities.

First, this blog. When I was a girl, did I ever envision myself typing my thoughts and with the push of a button, sharing them with anyone in the world who could log into the Internet? Well, no! So much of what is available today was only a dream when I was growing up. Not that I'm ancient, but technology and discoveries have moved so swiftly during my lifetime.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to share my thoughts in many venues: books, blogs, websites, articles, newspapers, newsletters and music.

I'm thankful for the opportunity I had to buy an electronic keyboard so that music fits into my tiny house. A piano would fall through the floor, but the keyboard is just right.

I'm thankful for the chance to share music with the members of my church. Today the summertime organist came back to the mountains, so I'll have a six-month rest from playing the chapel organ for the main worship service, but I still get to play the piano or the organ in the women's meeting. I also get to sing during the worship service. I don't play and sing well, so this summer respite gives me a chance to raise my voice in song for a while.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to teach others what I know. This summer, I'll be giving a workshop to a group of writers on writing dialogue. I'm looking forward to that.

I look forward to future opportunities to share my talents with other people. For example, this summer I'm playing Queen Guinevere in a one-act play for the community. I always enjoyed acting in my youth, but until recent times, I've not had the opportunity as an adult to act. Now the pendulum has swung back to give me that chance to be a ham.

What opportunities do you enjoy?


  1. Isn't life interesting--and isn't senior status even moreso? I think of all the new things I'm getting to do--like learning to play the baritone horn or learning the Primavera Scheduling program. Exciting stuff. I'm soooo grateful for these opportunities.

    But then there's the stuff I'll probably never do again, like ride a horse. Funny to think that something I always intended to do someday won't ever happen. Or learn the Lindy Hop. Too streneous. I can manage a sedate swing, but boy would I like to be able to do the Lindy Hop.

    I have to smile at the difference between us, Marsha. Your posting was deep and service oriented. Mine is totaly frivolous.

  2. Marsha, you are a wonder. I keep wondering what you’ll do next. Something exciting, I bet.
    Yes, the world is continually changing at a pace that leaves me breathless. Cell phones that take pictures; ipods that hold thousands of songs in an inch and a half bit of plastic; instant replay on live TV in case you miss a word, or pause it if the phone rings, and still not miss a thing; editing a written report with simple cut and paste or backspace; bathtubs that open to let you walk in, then close tight enough to hold water; hearing aids; wheelchairs that can climb stairs and elevate to almost standing height; scooters and walkers; and a host of other marvels.

    What opportunity do I wish to avail myself of? There’s still the Grand Canyon hike, my bio to finish drafting, then edit (I expect at the present rate it will take another ten years, and be that much longer); memorize all the hymns in our hymn book; publish a compilation of at least a hundred favorite poems telling why I memorized each one; rework that novel; memorize selected chapters like Matt 5, 6, and 7 (the sermon on the mount); plan a wonderful funeral program, and make enough crocheted or knit items to give one to each attendee; and even some day sort through all my stacks of papers and eliminate all unnecessary ones—like ads that years ago hit the save box, instead of the round file. I could go on, but I’m already feeling a bit tired, just thinking about it.


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