May 21, 2007


By Betsy Love

Once in a while I get this urge to write poetry. A friend told me that my writing had taken a rather dismal turn and that it was rather depressing to read. "Hmph!" I thought. I don't write depressing poetry. Then I read through my last few writings and I had to agree. So I pulled up a slide show called "This Planet Earth" and watched it thinking I might get some inspiration. I did. Hence the poem "Renewed". After watching this magnificent view of earth, the universe, creatures great and small, I picked out one element of incredible beauty and wrote about the rain.

When I was a little girl I lived in a house with a flat roof and could always hear the beating of the summer storms overhead as I lay in my bed at night, waiting for sleep to come. To me the rhythm of those drops were like the catharsis I felt as I wrote this poem. I hope as you read this you too will feel that same peace.


A sun rises in the east

Travels its pinnacle high

Shines brightest at day’s end

Colors clothe the naked sky

A cloud frenzies 'round the orb

Across thirsty desert’s loam

Plays youthful hide and seek

Creating ladders from my far away home

Lightening wallops the night

Ashen spider legs crackle the blackened skies

Leaving gloom and chasing doom

Announcing catharsis be nigh

Thirsty earth, my greedy earth

She gulps at every drip

Then heaves a sigh of deliverance

And wipes a dainty lip

Terra breathes her lusty aroma

Releases blossom’s perfume

Traveling swift in an evening breeze

Renewed and not a hint too soon


  1. Betsy, thanks for reminding me how important those poetic impulses are. Sometimes the structure and rigor of poetry invites, for me, at least, a way to express my finest and most spiritual feelings. I too often go right past them as I scurry through each day's demands. I'm going to slow down, and give them a voice, like you did. Thanks again. Rene

  2. Loved your poem, Betsy. Can we use it in the newsletter for ANWA's June issue? Let me know.
    Karen Beals

  3. Betsy,
    I am always in awe of your ability to express yourself. Thanks for adding beauty to my day.


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