May 1, 2007

Job Interviews

by Terri Wagner

I'm a bit late today because I went on a job interview this morning. It's been 11 years. I was nervous. It's for a web-design company that is looking for a copywriter.

I got the impression from my interview--which involved three different people--that they are looking for people who are web marketing savvy who also happen to write. I'm afraid I fall short in that category. And the most telling was when they couldn't give me a salary range. I take it I'm making more than they want to offer.

The benefits were slightly better than what I have now. And the beat of the place seemed fast paced, exciting, lots of young people. They promote from within first. The kind of place I'd like to work.

Somehow I have the feeling it won't work out. Still, it made me feel excited about work. I guess after 11 years, you just get stuck on what you're doing and it gets easy and you lose that edge.

One reason I was excited about joining ANWA and meeting with Valerie, my lone partner out here in the Gulf Coast, is that it's something new and different. Writing fiction is so hard for me. My writing partner constantly chides me for writing too "technical." But when I'm thinking of where I want a scene to go, I tend to go right to the most important aspect and forget the stuff like scenery, description, feelings.

I'm glad I have this opportunity to work out a new way to write and do it among friends. Hmmm, maybe we could all start a writing/publishing company. Wouldn't that be fun?


  1. Good for you, Terry, for going to that interview. If nothing else, it was a window into another environment, and you never know when you may want to use that experience in a piece of fiction.

    Good for you, too, for honing your craft. I think it's a lifelong experience, learning to write. But such a great experience, don't you think?

  2. Thanks, Terri, for the memories you invoked. It's exciting to get out of a truly comfortable zone and enter another, even for a little peek.
    At least thirty-five years I had my last job interview, and I still remember the anxiety. I'll probably never have another. One never knows, though.

    The out-of-comfort zone I need to attack concerns submitting stuff. I'm scared to write the cover letters. It's hard to sell myself, or my work. Besides, I'm probably much too complaisent and happy with the status quo.

    I am in awe of you fellow ANWA members who forge on ahead. Keep up the good example. Thanks, Terri. We love you.


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