Apr 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

by Terri Wagner

I've never been big on April's Fool's Day, probably because I forget about it until someone, usually the radio reminds me. But my mother and brother are huge fans and work hard every year to top last year's. For so many years, I lived in my beloved adopted Virginia and didn't participate. My first year back in Alabama, my mother called me up on March 31st and said, "I'm coming down and we are going over to Baton Rouge to surprise your brother."

"Uh, sure," was my first reaction. It was a Saturday that year so no work conflicts (having never had to work, my mom doesn't really grasp the work concept). However, I had to take Chewbacca, my black lab. Dad was going on a boat trip. My mom doesn't really like dogs, and I had a small Cavalier at that time.

Just driving the 3 hours to my brother's house with a dog who likes to peer out the front and a mom who hates dogs was NOT amusing. Not to mention, the rest stops we had to take periodically, making that 3-hour trip something much longer.

Then uncertain of the new house's location, we sped past the turnoff. We stopped in this little country gas station/store to ask directions. I'm sitting in the car telling Chewie how sorry I was for all of this when my brother walks out of the store. I sit frozen for a moment, not sure what to do. Then I figure he can't see in my car and it's not an unusual car. He's hysterical. He obviously recognizes the car, but his brain says that can't be his sister. I’m thinking this is funner than I thought. Then Chewie pops his head up and there goes the surprise.

I wave him over, tell him why we're here and that his mother is in the store. So he goes in to surprise her just as she is coming out. Big blam with the screen door and then shouts of surprise on both their parts. He was there getting ice cream for cake (I'm thinking yum cake, makes the trip worthwhile). So then they decide to surprise his kids and wife.

I drive pass the house, park, take Chewie onto the front porch (which of course no one ever comes too) and ring the doorbell, sliding to the right side. Bert has his wife answer the door. She looks at this big black dog and squeals. Then mom and I jump out and yell April Fool's.

I made none of this up. They do this kind of thing every year. Wonder what they're up to this year.


  1. Terri, that is a delightful story! I used to dislike April 1st because I am incredibly gullible. It's genetic. For years, my grandfather had my grandmother convinced that an ancient tribe of people lived in caves under their small town. My kids love it though. I used to hide jelly beans in their scrambled eggs or some other silly little thing, just to make them smile.

  2. I have a daughter-in-law who is queen of the April Fool jokes. But to do it well, you've got to remember when April 1 rolls around that THAT is the day. I never know what day it is--can't even remember my own anniversary, so I'd be a washout as an April fooler.

  3. I'm impressed that you'd drive so far to pleasantly surprise your brother on April Fool's Day. We played fairly mean tricks. Some were fun, but I remember how displeased Mother was when my brother Don and I exchanged the contents of the salt shaker and the sugar bowl, and she had to throw out Dad's oatmeal. My dad liked plenty of sugar.

    April 1st was a wonderful day for hatching up tall tales.

  4. Terri,
    I like this April F ool story, because there is no meanness involved.

  5. How fun.
    I don't do jokes well.
    I hated getting teased as a child and never remembered that this was the day - look out!
    I'm glad your family does it lovingly.


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