Apr 29, 2008

Classy Vs. Trashy

by Terri Wagner

Vanity Fair, Miley Cyrus, Annie Leibovitz, MySpace photos, oversexed, apologies, Disney, exploitation, parental responsibility, societal responsibility…classy vs. trashy. Have you noticed how it all comes down to that?

I never cease to be amazed how black and white things really are when viewed through the lens of the gospel. What seems gray becomes crystal clear. I often think of the Liahona and the very clear directions it gave for Lehi and his family. When I compare the gospel to my previous beliefs, I always come back to this one startling truth: there is more, so much more. Most Old Testament believers if presented with the concept of a Liahona would accept it. But just having the Liahona wasn’t enough; Lehi and his family were required to be obedient and faithful for it to work; hence, the “more” part.

I was listening to Dallas morning radio show as I was driving in today. They were discussing Miley Cyrus. The only woman on the show took the low road by saying all 15-year-old girls go through this stage, it’s normal, blah blah blah. And frankly yes I agree I was after all a 15 year old once.

The big name on the show took the high road. He was the dad of a former 15 year old and felt strongly that 15 year olds should not exploited, that this is what happened to Miley and where the heck were her parents and what was this “artist” thinking.

Others on the show took the middle road by exclaiming: it’s art; it’s not good for 15 year olds but what are you going to do; it’s all about the money; her parents are caught up in the Hollywood version of morals so to them it wasn’t a big deal; Disney will never let her go, she’s worth too much to them; blah blah blah.

Not one, mind you, not one said this is wrong on every level. This is classy vs. trashy. This is not the message we want to send our kids. Even the dad backed down a bit in the face of the overwhelming chorus of acceptability.

Elder Oaks told us in the recent conference, we must stand as witnesses of God in all places and in all things. Let’s use a Liahona in writing. Keep it classy and leave the trashy to all the others. What say you?


  1. I say, "Hear, Hear!" Satan is so good at lulling us into that "All is well" mode...that if it's not bad, it's good and that is good enough. I love Elder Oaks talk, "Good, Better, and Best"...because as a society we have slipped into the mode of lowering the bar as to what is even considered good and bad!

    Kids are asking teachers "Am I passing?" rather than "Do I have an 'A'?"

    I am seeing more and more things written by members that embarrass me. I vote for classy!

  2. I absolutely agree.
    Morals seem to be what's convenient rather than what's right.

    There's far too much trashy and not nearly enough classy.

  3. Classy versus trashy; that is the issue so well described by you, Terri. Last night Colleen asked me if I would take our 16-year-old son's girlfriend to her mother's car. She was to wait for us at a specific location about fifteen miles away. When I got there, she was not there. My son said he saw her driving back in the direction from which we had just come. The girl said she saw her, too. I turned the car around and chased after the girl's mother. We got to the end of that particular country road, and the kids said she had turned right. We went all the way to the end of that country road, and the kids said she had made a U turn and gone back in the direction from which we had just come. I knew the girl's plan was to go to church, so I asked her if she thinks that is where here mom went. She said yes, so we drove all the way to the end of that road and twenty minutes later arrived at the church. The girl gets out with her nose high in the air. Not even a thank you. I warned my son that if she can be that rude to me, it won't be long until she is that way with him, too. Classy versus trashy.

  4. And how long does one regret a decision to pose in a provocative manner - and is the issue about career or integrity? Thanks for the catchy phrase : Trashy vs Classy.


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