Apr 25, 2008


by Kristine John
(This was something I entered recently in a "romantic moments" contest)

In the early days of our marriage, it seemed that no matter what my new husband and I did, as long as we did it together, it was memorable and romantic.
One day that stands out as being particularly romantic is our first wedding anniversary.
As our first anniversary approached, we were a little nervous about how to make it special without spending a lot of money.
I had just finished student teaching, and my husband was still in college, making our finances fall well within the “starving student” range.
To celebrate our first anniversary, my husband took the day off of work in order for us to spend the day together.
This was a sacrifice in and of itself because he was paid by the hour and had no paid time off. From sunrise to sunset on our anniversary, we spent the day making memories and recording them for our future posterity.

We started the day by driving to a nearby lake and watching the sun as it rose over the bluff and reflected on the water.
After eating our picnic breakfast together, we spent the day driving to a handful of important and meaningful spots in the town in which we lived.
After spending a few minutes at each spot, we each took the time to write down why this spot was significant in our lives.
This was followed by a walk, hand in hand through the downtown area.
We were ended the day watching the sunset color the sky beautiful hues of pink and purple. Sunset was followed by an Italian meal, which we had both helped prepare.
It was a day of true romance.
Romance which did not depend on the dollars spent, but on the time we gave to each other.


  1. What a romantic anniversary! I love hearing tender stories like yours. My most memorable anniversary was one when we were so low on cash we could only afford to buy one Snickers bar and split it. When we got to the store, we stopped in the card isle and read all the good anniversary cards to each other...then bought the candy bar and split it on the way home. Hurrah for romance!

  2. Aah! True romance. not smut.
    It makes my heart throb.

  3. It's not what you do but who you do it with.


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