Apr 17, 2008

Enduring to the End

By Rebecca Talley

Enduring to the end is a common theme in the scriptures where we are admonished to faithfully live our lives. If we've endured well, we'll receive our reward.

During this time of year, enduring to the end takes on a different meaning to me. I continue to admonish myself to endure until the end . . . of school. Yes, it has become the time of year when my kids spend more time on field trips than in the classroom, rehearsals culminate in plays, and projects are due.

Each morning I ask myself, "Can I make lunches one more day?" "Will I actually beat the bus to the end of my driveway?" "Can I sign one more permission slip?" This is otherwise known as my end of the school year funk.

It's always surprising how many field trips my children participate in, how many videos they watch in class, and how many non-academic activities happen at the end of the year all pushed into a few weeks. Perhaps, the teachers feel as I do and wonder if they can just simply endure to the end.

Since the end of the school year isn't far off (5 weeks from today, but who's counting?), then neither is my reward: summer break. I love summer break. I love that my kids have time to ride their bikes, ride the horse, take a hike, watch the stars, jump on the trampoline, write stories, read books, draw pictures, go to the public library, and do the things they don't have time to do during the school year. I love that summer allows me time to breathe and enjoy simple pleasures like watching my kids splash each other in the kiddie pool. Most of all, I love that I don't have a school schedule dictating my life.

I can do it. I can endure to the end of the school year. I know I can, I know I can, I know I can. Summer, here I come!


  1. I completely relate. I'm already starting to look forward to summer, except I have to wait until the end of June.

  2. Funny how that feeling persists. I've been out in the work field now for about 30 some odd years and every year about this time I get spring fever and want to have a summer moment.

  3. For some reason I haven't thought about that for years, let's see I guess since my youngest graduated from high school. Because I was a working mom I made sure to fill summer with activities for the kids that were uplifting, like quartet camp, music camp, and voluntary summer school - classes they wanted such as languages and art.
    My endure to the end is enduring the frailties of the physical body like chronic pain. I guess we all have our challenges.

  4. I would much rather get kids off to school than deal with them when they're inside, bored, and it's 118 outside. I'm not looking forward to it much . . .

  5. This year is my first (and perhaps last...) year doing home school, and the end of school is something I am anticipating more than I ever have before! I just look forward to having them all here and not having to be so structured for a week or two (until they get bored.) I'm with you. I love summer for those reasons. Thanks for sharing.


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