Apr 11, 2008

On the Road

By Kristine John

We have tried, without success, to visit a friend with cancer for the past 8 weeks.
Each time we have planned a trip to see her, one of the nine people in our family has been sick. In fact, all of us have been sick, not just once this flu season, but twice.
This weekend, (including today), we are close to making that long awaited visit a reality.
By noon today, we should be at her home.

Susan is very dear to our family and has been an important part of our lives for the past 15 years.
She has been present for 5 of my children's births, and has become the "Auntie" in every sense of the word.
This battle she is fighting, (for the third time), against cancer, is one that robs her of strength and stamina.
She continues to rally, and have hope, emotional strength, and a great desire to be healed.
She has shown me, and all those about her the meaning of the word courage and endurance.

I am anxious to see her...to make memories with my children, and to be physically present to show our love and concern for her.
If you would like to add her to your prayers, her name is Susan Ludwig...and I know she would appreciate any prayers and postive thoughts on her behalf.


  1. It's wonderful that you are visiting. Not only is it not good to travel when you are ill, it's extremely important not to expose the immune-compromised cancer pt. to anything that could jeopardize their health.
    I hope your visit is peaceful and and rewarding to all, you, your family and her.
    My prayers are with you all.
    Margaret L. Turley RN

  2. My prayers are also with you and your friend. My mom has beat the cancer thing twice now and we are all very cautious about exposing her to our illnesses. I am happy for you that you finally get the chance to visit your dear friend! Be safe!

  3. What a gift to have such a person in your life. And an even greater gift that she has you in hers.

  4. Bless you. It's a good feeling to remember, to visit, to strengthen friends who struggle, and it's equally good to be remembered, visited, and strengthened. Most roads go two ways. Indeed I can't think of a one that does not. It's the upward road that brings wider vistas and having a hiking partner to share the 'work and the glory' sure eases the climb. (I'm not sure I want to post this. It sounds too full of cliches and drivel. But my undrlying thought is: It's wonderful to share both success and sorrow, and occasionally even drivel.)

  5. Erik Erikson's stages contain a lot of good ideas. The little children we get in our foster home have missed that crucial first stage of trust. It really messes them up.


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