Jun 21, 2009

The awesomeness of MAN!

By Shawnette Nielson

Here is a ferocious and enthusiastic shout out to all the MEN out there on this wonderful FATHERS DAY!! Why is my shout out ferocious? Because men are given less and less credit these days and I for one want to shout out loud, ‘Thank you, men, for ALL THAT YOU DO!!!!’

According to today’s media, men are stupid and unnecessary. On sitcoms, cartoons, and most all TV shows men are often the butt of their family’s jokes. They are too often disrespected by wife and children and they are shown to be clumsy and incapable.

But it simply is not true!! Men are awesome and neccessary and I'm not afraid to say so!

Mans great calling in life with reference to the family is to hold the priesthood righteously and to provide. There is so much that goes into that small word ‘provide’. They must daily go out into the world, deal and work with unpleasant people, fight traffic and overtime, leave their families—their wife and children for the most of each day. They toil and work and do such noble things. When they are at work their time IS NOT theirs. They have to deal with crabby people and crappy situations. They have the financial responsibility of their family on their shoulders. They have the responsibilities that come with the priesthood. They are the head of the home and have tremendous responsibilities because of that.

A pamphlet from the first presidency states: “The title father is sacred and eternal. It is significant that of all the titles of respect and honor and admiration that are given to Deity, he has asked us to address him as Father. A father is the presiding authority in his family. Fatherhood is leadership, the most important kind of leadership. It has always been so; it always will be so..."

Heres to the men, fathers, brothers, and friends in our lives. Let us show true gratitude for all they do!! Let’s love them and appreciate them!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!


  1. I'm with you Shawnette! A big round of applause for all those hard working fathers and husbands out there. I remember one day I told my husband about the horrible experiences one of my female friends had at work. My husband's comment later was...that is one of the reasons I try so hard to make it possible for you to stay at home full time. I don't want you to have to be exposed to the abuses that occur out in the world. I gave him a big hug!

  2. Amen Shawnette. I spoke on father's day and said it's not under attack like motherhood, it's considered nonexistent in a world gone mad. Thanks for echoing my thoughts on Father's Day.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly. I should think all Christians would automatically honor the very name, Father. After all, it's the name chosen by the most perfect being we can imagine, and to whom we pay our highest devotions. You already said that, but I get carried away.

    Some single moms have to assume the role of father, yet I don't know of any who prefer to.


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