Jun 5, 2009

Poetry from the Past

By Kristine John

Sometimes looking ahead
means looking behind.
As I see the patterns emerging
in browns and greens and blues,
in such patterns I realize
all is not heaven or trees...
but some is pure earth--
the kind you must dig to find.
Although not necessarily
at first glance--
Looking closer reveals
it is the protector--
the predecessor
of growth.
(*Found in my journal from 1993...about 2 months before I was to get married.)


  1. Wow! I like that, Kristine. Especially after my third or fourth reading. Each read gives me more insight, reveals depth or, as you suggest, growth. And I think, "How true. It does take digging, revelation, and willingness to wait for fruition." I'm also amazed at your depth at such a young age. Hang in there. And thanks.

  2. Love it! Like Anna, I wanted to read it again and again, gleaning more insight each time. thank you for sharing those beautiful words.

  3. What a wonderful way to remember a special time.


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