Jun 13, 2009

What Color is Your Soul?

by Cindy R. Williams
The color of your soul can be determined by how you spend your free time.
What color are you?

Red: Catch up on chores or to-do list.
Blue: Call friends or write letters.
Yellow: Do an activity such as swim, play tennis, racquetball, exercise.
Green: Go outside and enjoy nature, garden, visit the desert, the zoo . . .
Purple: Take a nap.
Pink: Go shopping.
Orange: Play with your family.
Gold: Write.
White: Read your scriptures.
Brown: Read a good book
Sky Blue: Go to a movie.
Silver: Play a musical instrument.
Burgundy: Listen to music and sip a soda or ice water.
Rainbow: Bake and share.
Grey: Watch TV (but stay away from "inane" shows, as President Hinckley said.)
Black: Free time? What is that?

We all need to fill our well. Women are that they may have joy. Okay, a bit of a paraphrase I admit, but none the less, quite true. The only color that is not desirable on the list is black. It is important to be accountable for our time, but please don't forget to take time to restore, rejuvenate, fill your well and just plain rest!


  1. Yay!! I'm a rainbow!! I like ALL of those things! Thanks, Cindy!!

  2. I'm a brownish-goldish-orangeish-silvery-greyish-purple... Hmmm. I need free time just to sort out how I spend my free time. What's the color for "wander about aimlessly"?

  3. Depressing- I love the color bright red and I always have a huge list of things undone that I SHOULD be doing. It's hopeless.

  4. I think I"m with Stephanie, I'm one of those in my free time sometimes all of those in my free time. I did pretty much every one this weekend, ha.

  5. Very creative! I think I'll print out a picture of a rainbow and put it on the refrigerator...I love looking through prisms and changing the way the colors are reflected. Hmmm...what color am I going to be today???


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