Jun 29, 2009


By Stacy Johnson
Perspective is one of my favorite words or concepts. It is my reality check when my day isn't going so well because I'm bogged down with taking care of my children, fulfilling my calling in church, keeping house, etc. I am glad I have a view of the "big picture" in all I do or else I wouldn't be able to get through most days.
In another sense of the word, my daughter recently learned about perspective as she recounted some information she found to me. The conversation went like this:
Katy: Mom, I met the new family down on the corner that lives by Maddie.
Mom: That's nice, do they have children?
Katy: Yeah, but not that many.
Mom: Well, how many do they have?
Katy: Only 5.
I suppose when mom is pregnant with #8, having five in a family seems relatively small. It's all about perspective people.


  1. Thanks Stacy. Your conversation with your daughter made me laugh. Good blog.

  2. yes, it amused me each time we moved to hear the reaction to our family size. Air Force friends were aghast. SEVEN CHILDREN!!! while our LDS friends were more apt to say, ONLY SEVEN????? I suspect that the ideal number is whatever you have. Especially after they're grown and turned out all right.

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  4. Perspective is something that comes up a lot in my gospel doctrine classes. Funny note one of my bosses (it's a family run company) has 5 kids and everyone thinks he's nuts except of course me, ha.

  5. lol...love your perspective Stacy!


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