Jun 14, 2009

Sad Disappointment

by Marsha Ward

I recently read a book that disturbed me. Here's the thing. The fact that this book was published by any credible publisher is what threw me for a loop. It was poorly written, had little plot, mis-used words right and left, and the formatting of the print edition was abominable (not the author's fault). Yet, at the time the book was published (and it wasn't the author's first), the author was said to be one of the publisher's best-selling authors.

At first I thought the publisher must be a boutique or hobby publisher, and that may still be the case since they're a small publisher, but today they seem to have a stable of authors in excess of seventy, and publish many titles, both in print and e-book formats, so I doubt it's just one person using multiple names to self-publish.

Beyond the disappointment that I paid good money for this sadly produced book, was my disappointment in the crux of the content: sex after alcohol, outside of marriage. This occurred after the heroine insisted that she wasn't the kind of girl who indulged in "causal" sex (used not once, but several times--where was that highly lauded editor?), and indeed, was a virgin, but fell happily into bed with the drunk hero because she promised she would do so to prevent a scene that might compromise his future.


My greatest disappointment, though, is that a person purporting to be LDS would write such trash. Sorry, I won't be sampling the author's subsequent efforts.


  1. I hope she doesn't belong to ANWA. I also hope none of us buy this book thinking it is a good one.

  2. Boy can I relate. So many times I pick up a book thinking it will be well done and get shocked. I used to think for some odd reason I had to finish the book, I don't anymore. Mine was of all things the Bear and the Dragon by Tom Clancy. Loved his books, wanted more, an entire seduction scene in this one. Haven't read any of his sense. What happens to people?!

  3. Marsha,

    What book was it? Who was the publisher? I'm so curious but you're awesome to keep it private.

  4. That is a disappointment. I'm sorry you spent good money for that! I hate it when that happens. and it is doubly disappointing when the author is supposed to be LDS!

  5. There are some things that always baffle me. For example, I can easily forget good scenes, but let a bad one sneak into my reading, and it's difficult to completely erase it from memory. Not impossible, just hard. It ought to be the other way around. Or should it? Perhaps it's part of our testing. If we try hard enough, maybe we can ace this exam.


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