Aug 23, 2009

ANWA Writers Conference

by Marsha Ward

Please put this date on your calender: February 27, 2010.

You'll want to save it for the fabulous ANWA Writers Conference that will be held that day at the Best Western Dobson Ranch Inn at 1666 South Dobson Road, Mesa Arizona. That's just south of US Highway 60 (the Superstition Freeway) and west of Loop 101.

Be sure to check the ANWA website for developments.

See you there!

Oops, EAST of Loop 101.


  1. Fabulous!! I'm glad to be back at a resort setting where THEY do all the work. LOL!!!! Good going! :)

  2. How I wish I could go!!! Maybe next year.

  3. Hmmm Arizona in February? What's it like out there at that time?

  4. The weather is gorgeous in Feb. I am looking forward to it! In fact, even though I live close, I might book a room for the night before just for fun and to be there early to prepare.

  5. The site selected is amazing. We just fell in love with the place when we checked it out.

    And's east of the 101.

  6. Feb. in Phoenix...the smell of citrus blossoms, warm sun, gentle breezes, mmmmmm...not to mention all fo the ANWA ladie! woohoo! I am putting my pennies in the bank.


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