Aug 19, 2009

Conference and Research

by Marielle Carlisle

I'm excited to attend my first writing conference in September.

When I received word that SCBWI was holding a conference in Scottsdale, I jumped for joy. Oh, happy day! One of my goals this year is to attend a class/conference, and this fit the bill. As soon as the application was available I filled it out and mailed it. On the same day.

I've already started thinking about what I'm going to wear (pants or capris? shoes or sandals? Or do I go with a dress and pumps?), and have gotten the day off from work (like they need me. summers are slow in genereal, but this summer you could shoot a cannon through the hallways and no one would be bothered).

I hope to see some of my ANWA peeps there. I'll be the unabashedly overexcited lady that's way over dressed.

On now in a completely different direction -

I'm taking a break from my manuscript. You know, giving it some space, some breathing room. That whole 'absence makes the heart grow stronger.'

I'm trying to research my next story, which has to do with safaris and animals in Africa, and have been reading all sorts of interesting books.

I just finished one that a safari tour guide in Botswana wrote about his real-life adventures while on the job. It is quite comical; I chuckled out loud throughout the book. Near death experiences with wildlife, irritating tourists, and seasonal weather catastrophes is only the beginning of this guys troubles. One thing that surprised me is that the honey badger is considered the most fearless and ferocious animal IN THE WORLD. Due the their agression, lose skin and questionable fighting tactics, they are always the hunter and never the hunted. I appreciate my relatively safe occupation in the travel industry.

And now I want to go on a safari.

ps I'm loathe to admit, but I just can't hide it anymore: I just couldn't finish reading Rebecca. I really tried! I'm a sucker for superpowers and fantasies.


  1. Good luck on your conference. I've been meaning to go myself for know I make a promise I'll go and then something comes up and I can't. So go for me as well and report on it.

  2. Hey, don't stress about not finishing or even liking a book that other people really dug. I have this mantra that I repeat when I either can't get into a popular or "classic" book or when someone pans one of my books... "Reading is subjective."
    Have fun at the conference!

  3. I am excited for you, Marielle! and i am going to look for that safari book. What fun! My mom wrote an essay in high school about wanting to go on a safari. Her teacher derided and humiliated her because he knew she lived in poverty. What made her think she could ever go on a safari? Well...many years later, as Mom peeked out of the tent flaps, looking for the lions she could hear roaring in the Kenya night, she remembered that teacher...and thought, "Mr.____, up your nose with a rubber hose!"


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