Aug 15, 2009

Balancing Our Passions

By Christine Thackeray

Okay, I have a confession to make. I used to adore WHOPPERS. Both the candy and the burgers but especially the burgers with an Icee and onion rings. Then I discovered that on the back of the receipt there is a number you can call and fill out a little survey. Then they give you a code and you get a whopper for FREE!

Suddenly I could have twice the whoppers that I could have before and often frequented BK while my children were in school until one day a few months ago I held the burger in my hand and it just didn't look that good. In fact, I don't think I'll ever eat another one again. I just got tired of it.

I think Heavenly Father created us to want and enjoy a variety of things. When we loose the balance in our lives we can get burned out and then grow an aversion to something that in the past brought us joy. The way we don't do that is to keep our lives filled with a variety of activities so we don't get drowned by a single one.

With writing I think the same thing can happen if all we do is write. I talked to a friend who is a prolific writer. She says she always has to be doing three projects at a time. One she is researching so she gets to read new material, the other she is creating and the third she is editing. When she gets bored with one activity, then she can switch to the other and still be moving forward. I thought that was interesting advice. Now, I'd add laundry, housework, cubscouts and RS to that but I do think the idea is balance- something I've never been good at but am going to try harder.


  1. I think having multiple projects going with writing is *essential*. Like having multiple story lines in your book. Always something engaging to look forward to.

    Also, I don't think they make whoppers like they used to. They used to be special. I used to like them. Not anymore.

  2. Your friend writes the same way I do: multiple projects in varying stages. Just as you said, it helps give us that balance in our writing life. Great post and a great reminder!

  3. I love your post, Christine. I thought perhaps I was just a bit ADHD or something...can't seem to stick with just one project..writing or otherwise. Yeah! It's good to know there are others out there who need multiple things going on to stay sane!
    thanks! Balance is a wonderful goal!

  4. Ahhh balance I keep thinking of the Karate Kid myself and the going back to basics like breathing, ha.

  5. The idea of having three projects going in various stages is useful because, like you said, it's enough to provide variety but not so much that you get overwhelmed.

  6. I'm that way with needlework, too. At any given time I have probably somewhere between two and ten or more projects in the making --several items on my knitting needles, crochet hooks stuck into unfinished projects, cloth stretched in embroidery hoops with the floss pinned to a corner, and at least a couple dozen kits waiting to begin.

    I'm also that way on housework. I move stacks of papers from place to place rather than sort and file (drawers or 'round file')

    It's not that I never complete anything, but for everything I finish, I've begun two or three more. When I needed a bunch more crocheted bookmarks, I found a dozen more by running my hands over the tops of books on my shelves to feel which books I'd begun to read, but not finished.

    Now I find that this is healthy. Unless, maybe I've carried it a bit too far.


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