Aug 12, 2009

Suffering for my Art
by Kirsten Millsap

Well, Good morning folks…it is officially day 15 of my diet, and I am doing well. Am I suffering? Yeah…a little. Am I writing? A little. The suffering helps me come up with new ideas for my book. Problem is, I actually may be suffering too much. Case in point:

I have begged my husband to please, pleeeeeaaaase, not make really scrumptious foods while I am on this diet (he is a wonderful cook) and what does the devoted, helpful man do? He makes this heavenly pasta dish that has everything I absolutely love in it…sans chocolate of course, ‘cause that would be weird. I was so annoyed, that I decided to go upstairs and write. And I did. Lots of writing…lots of angry writing. My lead character was acting out in ways I had never expected. It made me feel better, but it also made me not like her. So what was I to think? Was suffering the best idea for me?

For my waistline? Definitely…for my book? Not so much. Bottom line to all the writers out there:

Dietal suffering =great waistline=comedy turned horror novel.


  1. Um... If you ever doubted that writing is an emotional thing, you've just proven the point. Try to write after a filling meal (unless you're going for the whole comedy turned horror thing.)

  2. It's amazing what your character will not put up with...I dunno maybe this is a side of your character you need to explore.

  3. I have this great need to munch on something when I'm writing, whether it's a letter, an assignment, outlining a talk or a lesson, an essay, a story, or my memoirs. I don't think I could manage a diet and writing project at the same time.

    I discovered long ago there isn't a single idea in a carrot or celery stick, but chocolate-covered anything has inspiration galore.

    Yet, I still have desires to slim down.


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