Aug 14, 2009


By Kristine John

It's interesting to go through the process of transplantation.
We moved in January of this year, excited about an opportunity the Lord had given us, even though it was unsolicited and surprising.

I have, for many months, felt a number of the reasons why the Lord has brought us to our new home.
We have made inspired new connections, re-evaluated all extracurricular activities and influences, been subjected to hours of introspection, both by choice and by consequence, and incredibly, been reminded that home isn't about the walls that surround you.
Joyfully, we have rediscovered that home is a part of your heart, and you carry it with you when you feel loved, valued and accepted.
Home is here, right where I am today, with my family alongside.

As my children have all headed back to school this week, it has been eye-opening to me to see the hand of the Lord in the lives of my children.
His love is evident for them, and is leading them in paths which only He knows the end result.
I feel the peace of following His promptings in their behalf(s), and am amazed at the growth and change that is occurring in each of the 9 lives that are housed within the walls our our home.

It's not about where we are, it's about who we are, and who the Lord desires us to become.
I see that more clearly now.
I'm grateful for the time I have had to spend in introspection.
After all, isn't life about growth?
Simply said, sometimes we grow more heartily after a transplantation has taken place.


  1. Great post Kristine! It is amazing to watch children grow. Our records have already been transferred up here and I had the strangest tug at my heart when I saw our names listed with just the three children left at home. Where did everybody go??? lol..well our missionary's records should have been sent with us...we'll have to correct that...but the rest are grown with families of their own. What am I going to do when I...oops I mean they...grow up???

  2. Good thoughts. Maybe I need a transplant:) Maybe I should do some serious introspection of my own. Glad to hear from you today.

  3. Those pesky life transplantations can be hard...we are on the verge of building a house and I'm freaking out.

  4. You're so right, Kristine. We moved our growing family into eight different states, a dozen different towns, and one foreign country, but we felt almost immediately at home because we were together. Now they have families of their own, and more than half our children are grandparents, and it's still all right.

    Yet, some people manage to live in the same house from marriage to golden wedding and beyond, and it is just as right. There's a lot to be said for "Bloom where you are planted." (Or transplanted).


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