Oct 16, 2009

Give a Little Whistle

by Sarah Albrecht

I’m getting whistle wrinkles—fine lines around my mouth that exactly match my pucker. In a plastic-surgery culture, it has occurred to me that stopping whistling might forestall the wrinkles for a few years or possibly moderate their length or depth.

My mom says I started whistling as a toddler, trooping around in a cloth diaper with a tuneless wind blowing through my few front teeth. The tune evolved through the years, but it never stopped. Which would explain the wrinkles.

I have to confess I’ve let the tendency towards music slip in my life. I never learned a string instrument like I wanted to, never trained my voice like I should have, don’t make time between housecleaning and school and running to football and swim to play the piano. I don’t even have an i-pod to listen to the music I love. But whistling is always there, a pucker away—the opera my dad listened to on Sunday afternoons, his feet twitching on the recliner’s footrest; the Little Mermaid tunes my daughters have sung through early childhood; the violin my sons practice upstairs; the Primary songs and hymns ingrained in my soul.

Whistling is like wildflowers blooming in a fallow field.

I don’t think I’ll stop.


  1. Don't Sarah. It's a charming habit so enjoy it. Forget about the wrinkles, they're coming anyway at least you'll have something fun to have them for instead of just getting old, ha. I can't whistle at all and when I want my doggies to come home boy do I wish I could.

  2. Lucky you! I'm a very bad whistler who is married to a very good whistler. Whistle with pride, I say.

  3. Thanks Sarah, How fun that you have the talent of whistling. My dad was a whistler, and he did it beautfully. He could trill like birds and verbrato and all kinds of things. We loved it. It is a lost art. Keep it up!

  4. Love it! My husband is a whistler...and I can read his moods by it. When his sister would complain about it, his mother would comment that she liked to hear him whistle because she knew that as long as he was whistling, he wasn't thinking bad thoughts. A couple of our kids are whistlers. A friend asked me how I could stand it...and I tell them "They can't think bad thoughts while they whistle!


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