Oct 6, 2009

While You Were Watching TV I Wrote a Book

by Valerie Ipson

I am lost when it comes to Lost. I'm fuzzy about Grey's Anatomy. House is just a structure I live in. I have an office, but I've never seen The Office. I don't idolize American Idol. I've had my fill of Dr. Phil. So You Think You Can Dance? No, I don't. And Oprah? Hmmm...can't come up with something snappy for that one, so I'll stop now!

In life there are choices and many of these choices are not compatible. For example, lots of TV-viewing is not compatible with writing a finished novel. Neither is reading stacks upon stacks of other people's books, for that matter, so I'm not picking on TV-watchers. (I just thought it was a clever title. And you know me, I'm all about the cleverness. :])

Anyway, I guess I'm just lamenting again my own lack of finishing. I was asked to do a book review on my blog for a book other than the ones I'm doing for Walnut Springs Publishing. I was thrilled to be asked. I explained to my husband how I review for them, then they remember me and review for me someday, but he was unfazed. "They review what?" he asks. "Well...my book," I meekly reply because I know what he is getting at. "Ah, the book you're not writing because you are reading and reviewing for them."

Point taken.

Whatever is keeping you (and me) from accomplishing our goals and dreams--in whatever area of life, we should let those things go. No, I am not advocating cutting out personal hygiene and the proper care and feeding of your children, and I'm still going to blog book reviews, but I'm not going to find out How I Met Your Mother or spend time with Two and a Half Men. I'm really not bothered that the new Fall schedule passes me by yet another year because I already have Heroes. I'm dedicating my book to one of them...when it's finished.

[Disclaimer: I am glued to the tube when a season of Amazing Race is on. I'm not totally TV-challenged.]


  1. Very clever. I have to get off of FB immediately.

  2. Your opening paragraph had me hooked. Very clever. Good points too. You made me think of my stalls and how I need to face them. Thanks.

  3. Too cute Valerie...I unfortunately find myself hooked on TV more times than not. However in my defense I tape it and watch it as I'm drifting off to sleep...is that better?

  4. very funny, Valerie! I'm with you. I don't watch any of those shows...but I do admit to catching past episodes of Monk on the internet...I am trying to declutter my time so I can get to the writing!


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