Oct 13, 2009

New Resources

by Terri Wagner

Isn't it amazing how just one zig can make a difference to you? My niece joined the ANWA group and has decided to major in English so she can teach. The unexpected bonus of this was the jolt it gave me to renew my efforts in my novel.

I had given up as I recorded here before for many reasons but mostly was the thought that heck I'm a techie writer and just let that be. I've been reading church books which while not techie are certainly not fiction so I just figured my lot in life was to be a great techie writer and just let it go.

Then my writing partner made chirpping noises about our novel. And my niece expressed an interest in joining ANWA and out of the blue a friend said to me how's the writing. You are so good at it I sure hope you are pursuing it.

What could I say? While I'm not a big believer in signs this certainly gave me pause for thought. I was still mulling all this over when I started my commute this morning. It's one of those dark, foggy days when you feel all alone in the universe and on the road. Just you and Heavenly Father. And I thought ok I'm at a crossroads here what do I do?

A song came on the radio that for some reason "made" me think of my blessing which distinctly says I have many talents and should pursue them. I think writing would fall in that category.

So I've taken a long time to say that I'm taking the advice of my ANWA sisters, including my niece Alex King, and taking up my pen and continue writing my novel. So "go forth and do the same."


  1. Thanks Teri for your candor. I am delighted that you have chosen to push forward with your great talent of writing. I hit a cross roads about the time Pres. Monson became the Pres. The first time I heard him speak with the mantle of the President, he said something about how we need to be reading and writing good books. He added, not just religious books, but all good books. This hit me hard. I don't necessarily write for Deseret Book, but everything I write must be of good voice, wholesome and worthwhile. Something I would be proud to read to my children. I was quite discouraged about writing and was ready to give it up until I heard President Monson. Thank you again for sharing this with us!

  2. Go Terry! You are a talented writer and I'm thrilled to read that you are pursuing your gift. thanks for inspiring all of us.


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