Feb 24, 2010

Emptied Nest, Time for a Party!

By Lynn Parsons

My youngest child, Cassie, was just accepted to both Brigham Young University-Idaho and BYU in Provo, Utah. My two sons graduated from BYU, and my other daughter is at BYU-Idaho (and nicely recovered from her recent concussion, thanks for asking!).

Attendance dates were an important part of her deliberations. She could begin in Provo in June, but her track in Idaho didn't start until January, 2011. She's leaving in June.

That means my empty nest (after 28 years) comes sooner than expected. I had mixed feelings about this. Then I realized that her freshman orientation is just before my book launch party in Salt Lake City. We can travel up as a family, and she can attend the book launch with her siblings! This essentially saves me a round trip airfare. Heavenly father is looking after our family.

I had wondered how I would face this (relatively) child-free time in my life. But my two grandchildren will move nearby in August, and I have book signings and presentations to keep me busy between now and then. Rather than focusing on my empty nest, I look forward to my full life!


  1. Good luck on adjusting to that Lynn. It's a weird feeling at first.

  2. What an exciting time...to be launching a book and a daughter...and a new phase in your life! Don't you just love those tender mercies! hugs~

  3. Sounds like time to PAR-TAY! Enjoy your new adjustment.

  4. I always think I'd be happy as an empty nester, especially when it's 1 am and the party is still going. But when I realize my sons' friends would then stop coming to my house, I figure I can wait another year. :-)

    Congratulations on your children's accomplishments!


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