Feb 2, 2010

Update on the LDS Dating Site

by Terri Wagner

As promised I'm updating ya'll on the singles website experiences. There are 3 of us single sisters on different LDS sites having very different experiences. Only one of us (not me) is actually having success of a type.

I've "met" the truly desperate and here lately someone who wasn't even LDS. You don't have to be but I just had to ask why he was on there. His profile was a bit muddled so I didn't know until I asked. And when he didn't even know what LDS meant, I knew he couldn't be a Mormon. He seems very nice, is German but American through his mother and has an adorable 10 year old daughter. His English is not that good, but hey neither is mine and I'm native. So we've exchanged a few emails...that's about it. The good news is he's only about 4 hours away from where I live.

I managed to ditch the few truly strange ones and have become more discreet about who I contact. At first you're thrilled someone has "checked" you out and sent a flirt, then you discover why they have, ha. The reason is as I have discovered, I'm not really into moving into the center of the country, ha. I prefer the coastline. I'm amazed at the number of men who think a few sweet notes means I'm ready to pack up and move that far away and I've never even met the guy. Is is me?

The only conclusion so far all 3 of us have come to is this is no way to date and yet how else can you find a companion when you live so far from a large singles' base. The one success story is a bit hampered by the fact that once again the lady in the equation is reluctant and the guy is a bit on the liberal side when it comes to standards.

Right now I'd have to say it's a no go on the dating site. But hope does spring eternal in the human breast as the poet has said.


  1. Very interesting, Terri. I have two good friends and a cousin who met and eventually married someone through an internet LDS dating site. I have another friend who met someone, and is contemplating marriage. On the other hand, I also have a couple of friends who had horrible experiences. Keep us posted. The class I am taking right now is discussing being single and the myths and realities of being single in the LDS church.

  2. Dating is either so fun, or no fun. Best wishes in your dating life--glad you're being careful.

  3. I met the love of my life on an LDS dating site, but I also had some VERY BAD experiences.

    I think it's a great medium, but just be VERY selective. Good luck, though. I know it's tough.


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